You can look on-line for all kinds of recommendations on how to make a home-made unit. I prefer using a pre-made BioPod Plus (ProtaCulture). Not only does it not look like a mad science experiment in your yard, but it is super easy, fast to set up and start raising your flies. The BioPod is designed to accept a maximum of 5lbs (2.2kg) per day of food waste (including meat and dairy), approximately the waste produced by four to six adults.
If you live anywhere near western North Carolina, I can provide you with a low cost completely assembled pod and some assistance in attracting Black Soldier Flies (BSF) in your area. Plus, I include a free “fluffer” for you to use both while establishing your colony and anytime it needs a little bit of “refreshing”. Once you have your colony established, the Biopod can accept up to 5 lbs of organic waste per day.
There is no need to purchase grubs!! I highly recommend you attract the BSF native to your area. Your local BSF are adapted to your climate and will have a better chance of surviving/increasing your local BSF populations. They are native to North America and are found throughout WNC….all you need is a bit of patience and warm weather. I am here to provide assistance, moral support during initial colonization period, and tidbits of advice throughout the season. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions – I don’t care if you have made your own unit or bought a pod from someone else. I am just happy you are raising BSF!!

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