Free BSF prepupae!

Limited number of FREE Black Soldier Fly grub samples are all around town!!!  Stop by Lotus Farm and Garden (455-8 N Louisiana Ave) or Villagers (278 Haywood Rd).

BSF Prepupae

Raising BSF year round!

Over this past winter, I have been busy learning how to successfully raise black soldier flies year round in an artificial environment. I have learned a lot and am proud to say I have a thriving colony! Thousands of adults in the breeding chamber, thousands of pupae pupating in the warming chamber, and the multiple thousands of larvae eating food waste who keep this going.

The larvae are being fed pre-consumer food waste from local food kitchens, thus completing the cycle of keeping food from going into our landfill and producing methane gas.

Needless to say – I have black soldier fly larvae available for starter colonies, seeding your compost pile early (cold spring weather is delaying natural colonization), fish bait, and animal food. I also have pre-pupae available.

This is the perfect time of year to get your biopod or protapod started.


Mountain Science Expo at NC Arboretum

The Mountain Science Expo is happening this Saturday April 9th. The only fee for the event is the $12 parking fee.  Remember you can bring as many people as can fit in your car for the same low price.  There will be around 30 exhibitors and lots of fun hands on activities.

Come by and see me on the second floor in the Education building. I am bringing some live feeding Black Soldier Fly larvae (grubs) for you to see and hold.  There may also be some dark grubs on hand.  Crossing my fingers there will be enough for some of you to take a small sample home to feed to your chickens, fish, frogs, songbirds, etc.  Or if you are a fisherman – try using them as bait.

Informal workshop

Any one interested in attending an informal BSF workshop sometime in either June or July. Please contact me by mid June if you are interested in attending.

If you have questions about raising your black soldier flies prior to then or wish to purchase a biopod or protapod, feel free to contact me.

Demonstration ProtaPod coming soon to NC Arboretum

Demonstration ProtoPod at AB Tech
Demonstration ProtoPod at AB Tech

I am happy to announce: The demonstration unit at AB Tech / Blue Ridge Ventures campus will be moving to the NC Arboretum within the next couple of months.   They are excited about making this part of their new composting in action display.  Details still being ironed out, but it appears the youth camps, cafe and staff will be “feeding” it.  I will keep you posted!

Staff Lunch and Learn at the NC Arboretum April 15, 2015

Adult BSF on window screen

See how your spoiled lunch can become a healthy lunch for your animals!!

Come learn how you can convert your food waste into a nutritious food for your chickens, songbirds, frogs, turtles, pigs and others!