People have asked me if there is anything out there for folks who do not need compost for a garden nor want to raise grubs part of the year BUT still do not want their food waste going to the landfill to make methane gas.  Well…. this seems to be the answer  It is used in Great Britain so I believe it should work great here with our sunshine!

I do have these available at a low cost (no shipping) for people in WNC .

Green Cone is a super easy food and animal waste disposal unit for environmentally conscious folks

It is simple to use, no time commitment, and yet is efficient in breaking down waste! The only thing you have to think about is finding a sunny location with good drainage above the water table, dig your cone in, and then let it work.

The great part of the Green Cone is that it is a solar digester which consumes and biodegrades animal and food waste(including meat and dairy) using natural and good microorganisms plus worms. No methane gas is produced! Only carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of organic residue are produced. Typically, it takes about 2 to 5 years to fill up!

Users  Manual

Check out these videos which show how easy it is to install and how it works.

Green cone How to          Installation          How it works