There are many different ways to make a home-made unit. Sometimes it is easier to buy a tried and true unit for the ease of a quicker set up. Not to mention, harvesting of grubs! If you live anywhere near western North Carolina, I can provide you with a low cost ProtaPod and assistance in assembling it and attracting Black Soldier Flies  (BSF).

This unit is designed to accept 25 lbs of organic waste per day once the colony is established. The advantage of this unit is that it is large enough to feed your animal processing offal and/or restaurant waste to the grubs. These amazing creatures will consume it and convert it into a high protein, fat, and calcium food for your animals. All of this before the waste has a chance to smell! Please remember, when your colony is first getting established, you must start by slowly adding food. These are like any other living organism and must grow to the point of accepting maximum food input.

There is no need to purchase grubs!! I highly recommend you attract BSF native to your area. These BSF are adapted to your climate and will thrive better than grubs from some other location. These flies are native to North America and are found throughout WNC….all you need is a bit of patience and warm weather! I am here to provide assistance, moral support during initial colonization period, and tidbits of advice throughout the season. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions – I don’t care if you have made your own unit or bought a pod from someone else. I am just happy you are raising BSF!!


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